Pro´s and Con´s of Tablets

Tablet PCs are becoming more and more popular. Tablets are frequently used by a variety of people. Ranging from CEOs of a large company using a tablet for work purposed to a learning device for young children. Not to mention, everyone in between. Although so many people are using them because of all the positive aspects. We must keep in mind that with the good comes the bad. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of tablets. This will better help you decide whether a tablet is the right electronic device for you.


One of the best elements of owning a tablet is the portability factor. While laptops and Chromebooks are also highly portable. When it comes down to it, a tablet is better. You can take it anywhere. Simply, place it in your purse or bag or even carry it in your hand. A laptop requires a case to carry it in and is much larger.

Let’s not forget that you can sit down anywhere and access your tablet. Such as on a bus, or quickly and easily at the library or coffee shop. With a laptop, you will have to stop, sit down, and set up. If you wanted, you can use your tablet while you are walking or in an elevator for that matter. Doing this is virtually impossible when using a larger item such as your laptop.

Battery Life

Another advantage of owning tablets is the battery life. Tablets can be charged while you are sleeping and you can literally use it all day before having to recharge. A full battery lasting at least 10 hours if not much longer.

A larger portable device such as a Netbook or such does not last as long. You will have to stop and charge it or plug it in to use it at some point throughout the work day. With a tablet, you should have no worries when it comes to running out of battery life. That is if you remembered to fully charge the battery.


A positive aspect is the quick response of a tablet. If you are at work and need to quickly check your email. You can do it on your tablet in a number of seconds. It takes more time to situate and get set up with a laptop. With a cell phone, loading times are longer. When you need to quickly check something online, tablets are definitely your go-to device.


A negative aspect of tablets is the typing disadvantage. While some tablets do have a port where you can plug in a keyboard if necessary, that would defeat the overall purpose of owning a tablet in the first place.

If you have to type an article, essay, or report for work. Typing on a touchscreen is not suitable. Touchscreen typing can take a very long time. When it comes down to it, you need a different device. A desktop PC or laptop would be more appropriate for typing.


Besides the negative aspect of typing using a touchscreen. A tablet’s touchscreen can be negative in other aspects as well. If you are writing an article for work or a blog, etc. You need a mouse. It is much easier when working on projects or creating brands or designing logos to use a wireless mouse. It’s not beneficial to the user to try to complete these tasks using their tablet screen.


One factor that you must keep in mind when purchasing a tablet is that the software is limited. While a tablet is good for listening to music, reading books, taking pictures, shopping, checking email, etc. It is not so good for advanced gaming, creating presentations, doing high profile typing work, etc.

You can download many applications on your tablet. It’s simply limited to the actual tasks and functions that you can complete. While it is possible to do some work. It would be much easier to do such duties on a bigger device.


When it comes down to it, it all depends on what you want to use tablets for. If you are going on a trip and need a device for your kids to watch movies and play games on, a tablet is perfect. If you have to write articles for your company website, it could get difficult. Take into consideration what it will be used for and who will be using it before purchasing a tablet.

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