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Iphone 7 Rumours

The rumour of Apples’ launch of their new iPhone 7 is really a sensational truth. They have announced the launching of this wonder at their San Francisco event, this week. Every year Apple comes with new and innovative products that are geared to WOW the minds of the many followers they have. It intends to launch the iPhone 7 on Wednesday of this month.

Reported Features of the iPhone 7

This phone is an upgrade of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and it is intended to revolutionize the way we view and are able to use an iPhone. Features include; better battery power life, no headphone port, and an interestingly innovative new pressure sensitive home button as well as a camera which gives better service. The size of the phone is reported to be 32GB which is not bad for a phone size. Colors will include dark black and piano black, a marked difference to the iPhone 6 that was in shades of space gray and blue.


Iphone 7 possible appearance


The name may not definitely be iPhone 7 as it is also rumoured it may be called iPhone 6se, as they plan to maybe launch the iPhone 7 next year at their 10th Anniversary. With Apple, you never know, as they may really launch the iPhone 7 and still have a newer and better phone to release for their Anniversary; which is why they are on top of the podium when it comes to innovation. It is also rumoured that Apple had planned to release two phones in the 5.5inch version, but did not. They will be launching, though, a single 5.5inch model called the iPhone 7 Plus. This phone will have a more powerful camera with dual lenses which will certainly enhance your picture taking ability.

Wireless charging is another rumoured feature of this phone, which means just placing it on a special mat to be charged, un-hackable capabilities, a potential for screen stretching wider than the original width of the phone. Because there is no headphone port it may be a thinner instrument to have, and it may have a carbon-dioxide jet stream which is able to protect the phone in the event of falling. Mind you, these features are just rumours, so we have to wait and see what Apple intends to present to their very anxious public.

The launch is planned for September 12, 2016, which is much earlier than their general time of mid-September. It is notable that Apple keeps their competitors guessing as to what is new on the horizon, so as to hit the market with a BANG!