Fifa 17 Rumours!

FIFA 17 Rumors

It is interesting to all football fans when the season fast approaches they get into a frenzy of picking sides and following their favorite players, no matter which team they belong. Many diehard fans will tell you the game is a part of their soul, so they really take it serious.

FiFa 17 this season has started off on a shaky footing as players are that were on squads for FIFA 16 have moved on to other clubs. Messi is no longer FIFA s’ representative so he will not be their cover star for this season. Ronaldo has signed to a new club Konami Pro Evolution, as is Bale and Neymar; which means FIFA will have to find suitable replacements for their representations and boosting the catch at the box ticket office. It is rumoured they have increased the intake of female games in order to have a seemingly balanced attraction. They have increased the female tournament teams from 12 to 16 and there is a distinct possibility they may be more. England, USA, Germany, Japan, France and others have already sign off on being a part of this tournament. It is good to note that even Norway has been including; getting them to be a part of the FIFA 17 is a coup in itself. The Norwegian super star striker, Ada Hegerberg was caught in photo on Instagram indicating their inclusion to the games.


FIFA 16 was a more robust tournament as it had to play games which were filled with teams of very professional players. They goals scored in these matches were hard fought, and as usual with these genres of games, the win is very sweet. It is easy to understand why many football fans were looking forward to the lineup for this season. Disappointed somewhat as to the key players signing to other clubs, it will not be the same. The thing is although women teams were included into the FIFA 16 tournament; they were just being recognized as a force to reckoned with.

FIFA 17 officially launches in September 27, 2016, and Electronic Art or EA is launching their FIFA 17 Journey, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PCs. Game enthusiasts are looking forward to having this game available to them in order to live the experience as well as watch the FIFA games live. The journey begins in September and will certainly have a myriad of inclusion of fun for all who are so challenged to become involved.

Check out the best players on Fifa 17 in the video below:

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