Durability of a Smartphone !

Do you want to purchase a Smartphone? The Smartphone industry has many models. That means it’s difficult to know the average durability of a Smartphone. Another challenge is their many different features that vary according to their models. However, what many consumers want is to purchase durable Smartphones. Fortunately, this guide looks at 4 factors you should consider when checking the average durability of a Smartphone.

They Are:

Battery Life

  • One tip on the checking the average durability of Smartphones is their battery life. That’s because they come with many features, for example, GPRS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • They also have color displays that affect their battery life. When checking on how durable your Smartphone is, you should check how long your battery takes before you have to recharge it.

Screen Durability

  • Another factor to consider when checking the durability of Smartphones is their screens. That’s because they have large glass displays that are likely to get destroyed if you drop them.
  • Some models can have scratches while others fracture their glass screens after dropping. You should consider purchasing those with vibrant glass displays.
  • There are many protective bumpers or covers in the market that you can use to shield them. Their downside is that they make your device bulky.

Voice Recognition

  • You should also check your Smartphone’s voice recognition mechanism, for example, Apple. Powered by Nuance Communication, it enables you to dictate things which the Apple Smartphone understands.
  • You should test other Smartphone devices about their voice recognition features, for example by using different accents. As you use your Smartphone for long periods, its ability to understand, those commands will determine whether they are durable devices or not.


  • Your Smartphone’s security is another factor to consider when checking its durability. Most Smartphones use passwords as their primary form of security. Their disadvantage is that they can get hacked or shared.
  • You should keep in mind that Social Media platforms have opted to use two layers of verification during logins. That means you should purchase devices that offer more that the standard passwords for user identification.
  • Smartphone devices such as Apple provide fingerprint identification as additional security features. You should look out how these safety features work as you use the Smartphone over long periods. That will enable you to check their average durability.

What to Do

  • Make sure you test the many Smartphone features before purchasing. That will allow you to find out if they will be applicable in your day to day routine.
  • Make sure you buy these devices from reputable online stores. That enables you to get discounts while also avoiding losing money to fake websites.
  • Remember to check their online reviews. That’s because they will show how previous clients rated these Smartphones.
  • Ask for warranties. That will enable you to claim for refunds in the event of Smartphones malfunctioning. They should also have favorable return policies that ensure you get value for your money.
  • Consider purchasing Smartphones from established brands. That enables you to be sure you are buying products from reputable companies.


Checking the average durability of Smartphone should be easier using the above guide. Check your budget estimates and warranties before purchasing these devices.